Not long ago, John and his girlfriend decided to move in to their very first apartment together! Since then, things have gone from good to great, with a beautiful wedding and heaps of plans for the future. Between everyday essentials and appliances for entertaining, what do our young newlyweds really need for their new venture?

Just married Those everyday essentials

Everything you need as a couple

When you’ve already lived together before getting married, you often already have the basics. But as time goes on, little things come to remind us that some of those basics have actually been left out! Since perfect happiness means sharing the household chores, a steam station is certain to be popular all-round. With all those shirts and sheets to iron, it certainly won’t be under-used!

And since you just got married, why not treat yourselves a bit? You’ve both decided to get an Actifry – a clever fryer that will enable you to make an endless variety of healthy and delicious meals. Is your mother-in-law insisting on getting you something useful? Then ask her for a plancha, for all those lunch and dinner parties, or for a blender to make smoothies for those cosy breakfasts together! And if she really wants to get both, we’re sure you’ll find some room in the cupboards just to keep her happy!


Rule n°4 : Cooking tip: Eat fruit and veg at every meal 

You already know that fruit and vegetables are good for your health. But most of us have difficulty eating them at every meal. Go for some creative cooking, and add a splash of colour to your meals with the help of some seasonal or exotic fruit and veg.

Golden Rules for Healthy Eating #5

Cooking in technicolour!

If you find it hard to eat fruit and veg raw, and steamed vegetables don’t rock your boat, try to add a few healthy splashes of colour to all your meals. For example, you could add some green beans and julienned carrots to a dish of saffron rice, to create an eye-catching and delicious combination.

The spices used in Indian and Mexican dishes will allow you to concoct a whole range of veggie-filled dishes with a bit of zing! Tacos, fajitas, prawn curry or prawn biryani – you’ll get your 5-a-day without even thinking about it!

And armed with your Actifry, you’ll be able to work miracles – carrot chips, caramelised pineapple and mango, mixed spring vegetables, whoever said eating fruit and veg was a chore?! And to vary the flavours (and the colours!), make the most of both seasonal and exotic fruit. The different shapes and textures are sure to brighten up all your dishes. You can even combine them in a Russian or fruit salad, in kebabs, or team them with your homemade yoghurt!


Whether you’re ironing shirts, suit trousers  or embroidery, for perfect results you need to adapt your technique to each specific garment. To guide you through all eventualities, here are a few extra tips for your next ironing sessions.

Ironing tips How to avoid creases


Tea towels, tablecloths and T-shirts

We’re help to help whatever the situation, so here are a few more tips for totally carefree ironing:

- Tea towels, sheets and towels should be ironed the right side out and lengthways. Fold and put away as soon as you’ve finished ironing.

- Don’t bother ironing tablecloths on an ironing board. By ironing them directly on the table, you’ll avoid unsightly creases.

- Always iron T-shirts inside out to avoid any printed motif sticking to the base of your iron! Start with the sleeves, then do the front and back – any creases should come out with the help of a little steam.

- For black clothing, it’s a good idea to pass a damp cloth over the garment before ironing, to avoid ugly shine marks.

Top ironing tip: use a well-padded board to avoid marks on your clothing. Adjust the height so that you can place your hands flat on the board without having to bend forward, and try to relax after each ironing session.


Russian salad isn’t just a mixture of fruit and vegetables. It’s practically an art ! To make a ‘true’ Russian salad, each ingredient should be cut into half-centimetre cubes. Either by hand, using a good knife, or with the help of a machine such as the Fresh Express +, your Russian salad is sure to create a stir !

How to make perfect Russian salad

Become the Tsar of Russian salad !

Whether it’s for a Russian salad, made with your own homemade mayonnaise, or a light fruit salad, some of you prefer to do it all by hand ! Armed with a well-sharpened knife that fits perfectly into your hand, you’re able to create mounds of perfectly-sized little cubes. Our top tip : try ceramic knives – highly practical and easy to clean, they’re perfect for precision chopping.

If it’s speed and efficiency you’re after, Tefal’s Fresh Express + is second to none. This multifunction device conceals a secret weapon – its interchangeable cones, that allow you not only to make dishes like Russian salad in a flash, but also to slice and grate ! A whole new world of sweet and savoury salads is yours for the taking !

Cooking tip: Don’t forget that a true Russian salad contains only peas, potatoes, carrots, turnips, green beans, and your famous homemade mayonnaise !


A plancha is now a must-have item for dinner parties and family get-togethers. But did you know that, far from being a recent invention, the plancha has been around since the 19th century, when the Spanish started used it for cooking on religious festivals ? Just as user-friendly today, the plancha looks unlikely to ever go out of fashion !

Dinner idea plancha

The indispensable plancha

The word ‘plancha’ refers to both the device itself and the specific cooking technique associated with it. The idea is simple – the very high cooking temperature (270°) means that all the flavours of your food are sealed in. In fact, planchas have pretty much everything going for them, because they are also extremely versatile in terms of the range of dishes they can be used to make.

Lacking in inspiration ? Why not put the meat to one side and opt for fish or seafood instead ? Tuna steak, mussels and squid are just some of the ingredients that are perfect for plancha cooking. And if there’s one dish that can be adapted almost endlessly, it’s kebabs. A seafood plancha consisting of prawn skewers and salmon kebabs is sure to win the day ! One practical and tasty tip is to marinate your meat and fish before cooking, to make it even more delicious and tender ! And young and old alike will love your homemade mayonnaise – the perfect accompaniment to red or white meat.


Well done – you’ve finally got through that pile of ironing that had been mounting up for days ! Everything’s been put away, folded or hung up in your wardrobe, you’ve unplugged the iron, and you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself ! So why not take a few minutes to unwind, with a few stretching exercises that will do you a power of good.

The ironing’s done – time to chill

Treat yourself to a post-ironing relaxation session !

After all that hard work, treat yourself to some self-pampering – a few stretching exercises will quickly perk you up again. Your arms will be tired from ironing, not to mention your back – so give them a bit of care and attention. Stretch out your arms as far as possible in front of you and then up above your head. For your back, get down on your hands and knees and alternate between a curved and a straight back. Repeat these exercises in your own time, taking care to avoid any jerking movements.

This is also the perfect time for a nice shower in order to relax your legs. Finish off with some jets of cold water, going from the tips of your toes up to the tops of your thighs. You can also give yourself a foot massage, before sitting back on your sofa with your feet up.  Now all you have to do is sip your glass of iced tea and get stuck in to a good novel !

Top tip : Have you considered a cordless iron ? Ingenious and highly practical, it avoids having to manoeuvre around the cord and provides total ironing freedom !


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